Gisul: Reinventing Education


Our vision is to expedite the current wave of technological innovation through top-notch upskilling programs and grow alongside it to become a major player in the ed-tech industry.

Yes, Gisul offers online courses that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. These courses are delivered through a combination of live online sessions and self-paced learning modules.

You can register for a course at Gisul by visiting our website and filling out the registration form. You can also contact us directly to discuss your training needs and get guidance on the best courses for you.

The cost of Gisul's courses varies depending on the type of course, duration, and location. Please check our website or contact us for a customized pricing information.

Gisul offers a long list of technical courses under a roof. These include artificial intelligence (AI), programming, cloud computing, data science, machine learning (ML), business, AWS, Agile and Scrum, Mobile & Web, DevOps, Cyber Security, Azure, and more.

Gisul's technical upskilling courses and training programs are available online. You can access them easily on your computer or laptop at a time of your choice. This feature makes our courses flexible for those learners who join them.

Gisul's technology-based upskilling courses and training programs have been designed keeping in mind the needs of individuals who either have a job or are seeking one. Thus, it is suitable for learners from both these categories who wish to broaden or upgrade their skill sets. Besides, being available online, Gisul's courses are also flexible. Gisul's courses are available online and you can access them through digital devices like computers and laptops.

Gisul's cybersecurity course covers the six key cybersecurity elements in great detail. These include application security, information security, network security, disaster recovery planning, operational security, and end-user education. In addition, Gisul's cybersecurity course also helps course joiners upskill on the other aspects linked with the core elements of cybersecurity.

Yes, Gisul offers scholarships to deserving candidates in line with its core objective to bridge the gap between technological knowledge and technical skills. Our rationale behind it is to encourage both job holders and other individuals to take up upskilling courses and brighten up their professional career prospects.

Gisul's cybersecurity upskilling course is designed for learners who have the willingness to invest their time in learning something new. Therefore, you can take our course even if you are not from an IT background.

We offer our AI and ML courses to learners in collaboration with IBM. Other than up-to-date information about technologies and tools concerning the AI ecosystem, it also has several other benefits for learners. These include Ask Me Anything sessions, hackathons, and masterclasses by experts from IBM and Caltech.