Gisul: Reinventing Education


Our vision is to expedite the current wave of technological innovation through top-notch upskilling programs and grow alongside it to become a major player in the ed-tech industry.

Gisul's courses go hand in hand with the current age of technological evolution and its requirements. They revolve around the core technical aspects of IT and other emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and more. Acquiring IT skills by taking Gisul's courses will boost your desirability for IT jobs. Plus, if you already have a job in the tech sector, it will help you with upskilling and becoming an all-round employee.

Given the high demand for skillful coding professionals in the tech sector, we have created a useful course that aims to polish and sharpen the programming skills of learners.

Our cloud computing course covers cloud security, network management, database management, programming languages, cloud service platform expertise, and more.

To help you grasp the concepts of data science at both basic and advanced levels, Gisul's data science covers a wide range of aspects such as programming, mathematics, data wrangling, data visualization, processing large data sets, deep learning, machine learning, statistical analysis, and computing.

You need skills related to different concepts to stand out as a leading AWS cloud architect in your career. These include DevOps, AWS Service Selection, Cloud-specific patterns and technologies, Security Foundations, Networking, Data Storage Fundamentals, Java, C#, and Python. Alongside a good understanding of these aspects, you also need to know how to apply them to your job role for a successful professional career as an AWS cloud architect. Gisul’s AWS training program has been designed to help you with it.

Proficiency in collaboration and project management tools is a must to land a top job in this domain. In addition, you also need to be a proficient listener and an expert in risk management. Given the high frequency of changes in this domain, you also need to be able to adapt to the current and upcoming changes to enhance or maximize your possibilities for success.

Our primary objective in offering tech training programs at Gisul is to help individuals find new avenues for their career and professional excellence through technical expertise. Along with it, we also pride ourselves on helping them land their dream job based on their skill sets. As a part of it, we provide placement opportunities to those candidates who complete their course successfully and qualify for such positions based on their skill level.

For a successful career in cybersecurity, you need a good understanding of machine learning, computer forensics, information technology (IT), cloud computing, and network administration. In addition, companies will also analyze your skills in connection with computer hardware engineering and database management. We cover all these aspects in our cybersecurity course.

Whether you are planning to join an organization or are already working in one, you need a good understanding of tools, practices, and philosophies to be able to help it deliver applications at a fast pace. Gisul’s DevOps course is designed to acquaint one with the skills concerning these aspects at both basic and advanced levels.

A constant growth in the number of users of smartphones and digital devices in recent years has broadened the scope for app development on both mobile and web platforms. Gisul’s Mobile and Web upskilling training program is the ultimate option for you to tap its potential and brighten up your career prospects.